Best Sweet Shop in Gujranwala


Gujranwala, the city famous for its food and hospitality, is one of the best cities in Pakistan. The love of food their people have is something that no other city can compete with. Traditionally Gujranwala is known for the best variety of sweets. This city offers the most amazing sweets, be it traditional or contemporary. The competition of sweet shops in Gujranwala is very tough. However, we have found our favorite place and discovered the best sweet shop in Gujranwala.

Baba Bakers and Sweets

Since 1991, Baba Bakers and Sweets has been delivering the best quality products which include their premium quality mithai aka sweets and people, not only from Gujranwala, but from all across Pakistan have said that this shop offers the best sweets in the town!

Types of Barfi

Barfi is one of the most famous sweet of all times. Made from pure milk, Baba Bakers offer more than 10 types of barfi at their outlets. Apart from the traditional khoya barfi, there are so many new types of barfi available that are made with a modern twist. You must visit Baba Bakers and Sweets to check out the complete variety of sweets.


If you are going on an event and taking mithai with you and if you have not added laddoo in that mithai then you are doing it wrong! When it comes to laddoo, no other place comes near to Baba Bakers. Their motichoor laddoo are the best in town and they literally melt in your mouth.

Arabian Sweets

Not many places in Gujranwala offer Arabian Sweets and the quality of Baklawa, Baba Bakers offer is what makes them the best sweet shop in Gujranwala. You can visit their outlet or the website to check out the complete variety of Arabian Sweets.


Good old style flaky patisa is the real OG of all sweets and Baba Bakers and Sweets has mastered the art of patisa making. The best patisa in Gujranwala is available at their outlet and there are so many different types available for you to enjoy.

Paneer Items

Ghulab Jamun, Rasgulla and Chum Chum are the types of sweets that nobody can ever say no to. They are the best and when it comes to making the best paneer items in Gujranwala, no place can beat Baba Bakers. The amount of love they put in their sweets is what makes them the best sweet shop in Gujranwala.

Sweet Platters

If you want quantity and quality, you must visit Baba Bakers. For your next events, consider their platter service. They make the best and most aesthetically pleasing platters and the best part is you can customize them according to your needs. Also, there are all types of sweet boxes available at their outlets so you can gift and present the most delectable sweets in style too.

Order Online

If you are unable to visit Baba Bakers, you can always order online from their website, It is the best way to check out all of their products too.

Happy shopping!