Best Pastries in Lahore

best pastries in lahore

The most amazing delightful treat and a dream dessert for every sweet tooth are pastries. Pastries are basically a small, bite sized version of moist and luscious cakes. Almost every bakery has a variety of pastries available. The food competition in Lahore has risen so much over the past and so is the competition between bakeries. There is a constant battle who is better and who has more variety etc. We have also finalized one bakery in Lahore that has the best pastries.

Baba Bakers

Since 1991, Baba Bakers has made its name in the sweet and savory section. We are located in Lahore, Gujranwala and Sialkot and the freshness and variety of products we offer is unmatched. If you are looking for the best pastries in Lahore, you need to visit them. There are three outlets in Lahore.

Variety of Pastries

If you are a cake lover but you also don’t want to buy a whole cake, rather you want to try more different flavors of cakes, you should try buying pastries of those flavors. Baba Bakers offer a huge variety of pastries. We are the best pastries in Lahore. Creamy yet light and moist, these pastries are out of the world.

Chocolate Pastry

There are almost ten different types of chocolate pastries available at our outlets. Every pastry is different from the other one and we all are extremely decadent and luscious. Made from pure chocolate, our chocolate pastries are hands down the best pastries in Lahore. Fudge pastry, Cadbury pastry and chocolate mousse pastry are our favorite ones.

Fresh Cream Pastry

If you are old school like us, you would know the importance of good fresh cream pastry. The moistness, the sweetness and the pleasure those fresh cream pastries give is just something only a true dessert lover would know. Baba Bakers has those nostalgic pineapple pastry, black forest, butter scotch, coffee pastry and we also have chocolate chip and mix fruit pastries and we taste the best in Lahore.

Mousse Pastry

Apart from fresh cream pastries, mousse pastries are a hit at Baba Bakers. We are luscious, creamy and decadent and without a doubt the best mousse pastries in Lahore. Some of the mousse pastry flavors we offer are blueberry mousse, mango mousse, chocolate mousse, red cherry mousse and white chocolate mousse pastries and we all are decadent but the best part is that we are not heavy at all.

Contemporary Flavors

As the time has evolved, people’s preference and taste has also changed. There are now many contemporary flavors of pastries available that were not available before like Red velvet pastry, New York cheesecake pastry, Lotus pastry and Alaska pastry. These flavors are so in demand these days and if you are looking for the bakery that serves the best contemporary flavored pastries in Lahore, you need to visit Baba Bakers.


There are three outlets in Lahore and each outlet is in the central location. One outlet is at Gulberg, near MM Alam road and the other one is at DHA and one outlet is at the busiest place of Johar Town. You need to try out our products. We are the best in town.