Sweets and Bakers in Lahore

sweets and bakers in lahore

Famous for its rich culinary scene, Lahore has some great options if you are looking for either sweets or some quality bakery items. There is almost one Sweets and Bakers available at the end of every single area in Lahore. Almost every single block has a bakery in Lahore which means there is great competition between these shops. It is so difficult to choose which shop offers the best sweets or bakery items in Lahore but we have listed down our favorite shop in town.

Baba Bakers

Baba Bakers has earned quite a name in the field of culinary. They are in business since 1991 but the popularity and customer’s love has made them the best in Pakistan. They are basically located in Lahore, Gujranwala and Sialkot. If you have ever visited our outlet, you must know they make everything fresh and every single product is made on daily basis so it is fresh and delicious.


Looking for best sweets in Lahore, Baba Bakers has the best and most amazing variety of sweet options available at our outlets. Famous for its traditional sweets, Baba Bakers also offer a wide variety of modern sweets. From ghulab jamun, rasgulla, barfi to chocolate barfi, Arabian sweets, kaju katli they have the best sweets in Lahore.


There are more than twelve types of barfi available at our outlet and every single type of barfi tastes amazing.


You cannot be a sweet lover, if you don’t like ladoos. We personally believe that Baba Bakers has the best and most delicious ladoos. They literally melt in your mouth.


Crunchy patisa is almost everybody’s favorite in Pakistan but do you know that Baba Bakers serve more than five types of crispy and flaky patisa. It is the variety and quality of sweets that makes them the best in Lahore.

Arabic Sweets

Not many shops in Lahore make Arabic sweets but Baba Bakers do make them and the taste is so authentic and so flavorful that leaves you wanting for more.

Special Sweet

The special sweets they offer contains whole lots of nuts and obviously some love. If you are looking to gift your loved ones something, our special sweets are the best in Lahore and the great part is that they also offer customized packaging.

Paneer Items

Rasgulla, Ghulab jamun, khoya jamun, Khoya pera are the best examples of melt in mouth sweets and in Lahore, nobody does paneer sweets better than Baba Bakers.

Bakery Items

From bread to croissants and other puff items, there is not a single thing that Baba Bakers, Lahore outlet, does not have. There are breads, pastries, cakes, donuts, biscuits and other savory snacks available in Lahore and the best part is that they are made fresh every day. Many people consider that sweet shops cannot make good modern bakery items but Baba Bakers has proved them wrong. They are literally the best sweets and bakers in Lahore.


We are pretty sure, you are tempted to try out our bakery and sweet items but if you are not located in Lahore, Gujranwala and Sialkot and you are not able to visit our outlet, you can visit our website, and get the yummy goodies delivered at your doorstep.
Happy eating!