The best bakery in Lahore

best bakery in lahore

Apart from being the city of gardens, Lahore is known for its food which comes in all forms and colors. But there’s more to this city than only dish. Here you can find the best baked items in the entire country. So if you’re thinking about exploring the best bakery in Punjab’s capital then say no more, Baba Bakery is the first place that comes to the minds of Lahoris. It not only has a fine range of assorted biscuits but also contains a variety of snacks. To name a few, their best sellers include (but not limited to) nimko, donuts, cupcakes, pizzas, sandwiches and traditional sweets.

Let’s have a glimpse of what the best bakery in Lahore has to offer:


Baba Bakery makes by far the most delicious butter cookies that crumble in your teeth and melt in your mouth. But if you’re standing at their country, don’t forget to pack some badam khatae, almond cookies, coconut biscuits and sesame snap.


After a few bites at cookies, you can head straight to the freshly baked station where you’ll be welcomed by cheesy pizzas and paninis. Best thing about Baba Bakery is that they use freshly brought in breads, cheese and sauces to go with juicy flavored chicken. Their grilled panini and chicken creamy pizza are one of their kind, which you won’t be able to find anywhere else in Lahore. But if you’re a tikka lover, go for tikka panini or chicken tikka pizza with your favorite topping.


If you’re looking for a good looking and fine tasting cake for your loved ones birthday or celebrating a festive occasion like Eid, make sure to impress everyone with Baba Bakery cakes. They not only prepare fresh cream cakes and dry cakes on a daily basis, but also have ice cream cakes that you’ll enjoy throughout summer and winter. Not to mention that you can customize cakes for the special occasions.

Also, try their soft and creamy donuts and muffins to go with tea time at home. Chocolate chip donut, coffee filing donut, death by chocolate muffin and honey almond muffin are to die for.

Baba Bakery currently operates three branches in Lahore, one in Sialkot and two in Gujranwala and all of them provide fresh and delicious bakery items for their customers. However, you may choose to sit relax at home and order from Baba Bakery online store at

So what are you waiting for, ORDER NOW!

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