Online Bakery in Gujranwala

online bakery in gujranwala

Everybody from Pakistan and even outside Pakistan knows about the strong food game in Gujranwala. There is no doubt that Gujranwala is the heaven for all the foodies. There are food points all across the city and they serve the best food, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or even tea time snacks. Now if you are going for breakfast or lunch/dinner, you need to spare at least 2 hours from your schedule because of the traffic and the rush and that makes sense, but if you just want to buy some cookies, breads etc. you cannot spare two hours for that every time you want something and here comes the facility of ordering online.

Ordering Online

A lot of people specially elders have been skeptical about ordering online from any place, be it clothes, food or any other item but as the time has evolved, people have evolved too. They are now more comfortable ordering online as it is hassle free and you get your desired products and if you don’t, they can always complain about that on the portal they ordered from.

Online Bakery Shopping

Baba Bakers is among one the best bakery in Gujranwala that has introduced people to the concept on online ordering. The website, is so simple to use and every product has the category of its own and the whole process of ordering is hassle free. The best part is that they deliver all across Pakistan in same delivery charges. Some of the products that they deliver online are mentioned below.

Butter Cookies

Cookies, be it of any type, are a must with evening tea and when it comes to butter cookies, nobody does it better than Baba Bakers. The cookies they make just melt in your mouth and are so addictive and the best part is that you can order these cookies online from their website and they also have a pack of assorted cookies in which you can get different flavors in one box.


Life is so hectic these days and going out to shop is getting more difficult but Baba Bakers is going to solve your problem. As you all know, people of Gujranwala are famous for their love of sweets/mithai and you know, they make the best mithai in Pakistan too. You can get the famous sweets, Arabian sweets, paneer items, halwa jaats and what not, you can get these items delivered online from Baba Bakers. Just go to their website and select the sweet of your choice.

Puff Items

You are not a true desi if you have not dipped bakar khani in your tea and had it in breakfast. The puff items are a must and the buttery flavor is so addictive. If you ever had puff items in Gujranwala from Baba Bakers and you are craving for them now; the good news is that you can get these delivered online from the website,

Yummy Goodies

Apart from these delicious products, you can get different packed goodies from their website too. You can send these as a gift to your loved ones, get these delivered at your place or just have them all by yourself. Macarons, Cake rusks, cookies, mithai, meringue cookies and special sweet boxes can also be delivered at your place.


We hope you are convinced to order online from Baba Bakers now. Visit and place your order now! You can also visit their outlets in Lahore, Gujranwala and Sialkot.

Happy shopping!

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