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best cakes in lahore

Cakes are a must have for every event. Good cakes directly go to your soul and make you happy. It does not matter what the event is, cakes are compulsory for every event, be it tea parties, birthdays, anniversaries.

Cakes in Lahore

Lahore is the hub of good food and there are so many different options available in Lahore for food. Also there are so many talented bakers and a lot of different bakeries in Lahore that make amazing cakes. Customized cakes for events are a thing now and every other bakery offers customization of cakes. We have surveyed a lot to find the Best Cakes in Lahore and finally found the best place for cakes in Lahore.

Baba Bakers

Baba Bakers is in the business since 1991 and it is safe to say that they serve the best cakes in Lahore. There is a huge variety of cakes available at their outlets. There are three outlets in Lahore, one is located in Defence, one in Gulberg and the third one is in Johar Town and these three places are the center of Lahore and if you are looking for best and good quality cakes, Baba Bakers should be yours go to place.

Fresh Cream Cakes

Fresh cream cakes are the most amazing and frequently eaten cake by everyone. There are so many different types of fresh cream cakes available at Baba Bakers. Fresh fruit cakes, fresh chocolate cream cake, Oreo cream cake and so many more options are there, which makes Baba Bakers the best place for cakes in Lahore.

Dry Cakes

Even if you don’t like cakes, you will like dry cakes because they are not too sweet and tastes great with tea. So many elders love these dry cakes because they are made with butter and there are dry fruits packed in the cakes. The best place for dry cakes is definitely Baba Bakers, not only because of the taste but also because of variety and pricing.

Ice Cream Cakes

As summers is reaching, you need to try the best ice cream cake in Lahore, that is by Baba Bakers. There are more than five different flavors of ice cream cakes available and they all taste amazing.

Mousse Cakes

The creamy and luscious textured mousse cakes are so addictive; one can never stop at one slice.  Baba Bakers serve the best and most amazing variety of mousse cakes.

Customized Cakes

No party is complete without customized cakes these days. There are so many bakeries in Lahore which offer customization but Baba Bakers is still the best among them because of taste, flavors, appearance and most importantly they are cheaper than other bakeries in Lahore. You need to try them for your birthdays, anniversaries, Eid or any other important events. You just have to show them the picture and they will make the exact copy for you.


If you are looking for good quality cakes, visit Baba Bakers in Lahore. You will not regret buying cakes from them. They also have their outlets in Gujranwala and Sialkot. Do visit them and try out their cakes and other items too. You can order some of their products from the website, Happy eating!

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