We Are The Best Bakery in Sialkot

Food holds a special place in every Pakistani’s heart. Be it desi, traditional, contemporary food, everybody in Pakistan loves having a good quality food. One thing Pakistani’s love is having gatherings at tea parties too. People of Sialkot are famous for being generous and they love having guests over for food. Tea time gatherings mean having small bite sized variety of food and for this bakeries are the best choice to have some delicious snacks.

Bakery in Sialkot

There are tons of good bakeries in Sialkot and every bakery is doing an amazing job but if you are looking for the best bakery in Sialkot, we have a name for you. Baba Bakers is considered to be the best bakery in Sialkot although it is relatively new addition in Sialkot. Baba Bakers have been in business since 1991 but as soon as they opened their new outlet in Sialkot, people have voted for Baba Bakers as the best bakery in Sialkot.

Variety of Products

What makes Baba Bakers the Best Bakery in Sialkot? The variety and quality of products they have to offer is the main reason. There is nothing you cannot find at Baba Bakers and the good thing is that they all taste amazing.

Savory Snacks

There is a huge variety of savory snacks, available at Baba Bakers. From live pizzas, sandwiches, panini to chicken bread and flaky patties, fresh samosas and what not! Baba Bakers, Sialkot outlet, offers it all. They also have their famous crispy crunchy nimco available too. You have to try the best bakery products in Sialkot.


Tea time is incomplete without cookies and biscuits. Baba Bakers are famous for their buttery and crunchy biscuits. They have a vast variety of cookies available at their outlets. They also provide delivery of these delicious cookies all across Pakistan. If you cannot visit the bakery, you must visit their website to order these best bakery cookies.


Every party is incomplete without cake. If you are looking for best cakes in Sialkot, you need to visit Baba Bakers. They have fresh cream cakes, dry cakes, mousse cakes, buttercream cakes, fresh fruit cakes and customized cakes and pastries too. They can customize cakes according to your liking and they charge very less as compared to other brands.

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Mithai (sweets) are a must have in every desi traditional event and nobody makes better sweets than Baba Bakers. They make the best mithai in Sialkot. They have traditional, contemporary and all the other types of mithai. From ghulab jamun, laddo, chum chum to chocolate barfi and Arabian sweets, they have it all.

Breakfast Items

One more thing that makes Baba Bakers the best bakery in Sialkot is that they have the best and freshest breakfast items available at their outlets. From breads, rusks to croissants and other puff items, they are nailing the breakfast section. They also have different types of bread such as multi grain bread and bran bread etc.


We hope that we have convinced you to visit Baba Bakers, Sialkot branch because in our opinion it is the best bakery in town. However, if you are unable to visit, you can always order through their website, If you try out their products, let us know how were they. Enjoy!

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