The Best Sweet Shop in Lahore

sweet shop in lahore

Every festive event is incomplete without sweets in Pakistan. If there is a wedding, birthday, result day, baby shower or even if there is no significant day, sweets are a must in desi household. If you are going to somebody’s place, the safest option to gift them is sweets known as mithai. Who does not love good classic mithai.

Food in Lahore:

Lahore is the ultimate place if you are looking for good quality food. The traditional and modern food items this city has to offer is great. There are places that serve you the most delicious food.

Sweets in Lahore:

There are tons of options in Lahore, if you are looking for sweets. Some of the places offer traditional sweets and some offer modern sweets but one thing that is common in all sweet shops is that they are serving the Best Sweets in Pakistan.

Baba Bakers:

If you are looking for a classic sweet shop with a contemporary touch, Baba Bakers is your place. Having three outlets in Lahore, Baba Bakers is definitely the best sweet shop in Lahore that we have come across. Every single mithai is made and packed with so much love. If you visit their shop in Lahore, you will notice all the items are really fresh and taste heavenly. There are so many sweet options at Baba Bakers that it becomes almost difficult to choose between them best sweets.


There are more than 12 barfi flavors available at Baba Bakers. People love good old classic barfi and Baba Bakers, being the best sweet shop in Lahore, has also given barfi a modern twist too. There are so many different flavors to explore.


Desi weddings are incomplete without laddo and Baba Bakers bring you the best quality laddo which is packed with nuts and made with high quality ingredients. You must visit the best sweet shop, that is Baba Bakers on your next visit to Lahore.


Baba Bakers make the best flaky, fresh and crispy patisa in Lahore. There are almost 4 different types of patisa available at their outlets.


When you talk about sweets, how can you forget the ultimate sweet snack for desi people and that is halwa. There are so many different types of halwa jaats available at Baba Bakers. You know what makes Baba Bakers the best sweet shop in Lahore? The quality ingredients they use in the food they make.

Arabian Sweets:

It is so hard to find classic Arabian Sweets in Lahore but do not worry, Baba Bakers has got you covered! There are variety of Arabian Sweets available at Baba Bakers and they are made fresh every day and they are dipped in sugar syrup which makes the taste heavenly.

Paneer Items:

Ghulab Jamun, Rasgulla and Chum Chum are the best traditional sweet that any sweet shop offers and Baba Bakers has a huge variety of paneer items available too. You can check them out on their website too.

Customized Sweet Platters:

Baba Bakers, being the best sweet shop in Lahore, offers customization even if you want to pack one single mithai, they will provide you the best packaging in town. For weddings, festive events, Eids and other events, visit their outlet in Gulberg, Johar Town and DHA for customized platters.


If you are not in Lahore but you want to taste special sweets by Baba Bakers, visit their website as they deliver their vast range of sweets at your doorstep, all across Pakistan!

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