Are You Looking for the Best Bakeries in Lahore?

best bakeries in lahore

Lahore is known for the delicious food and no other city can beat Lahore’s variety of food and the taste that this city has to offer. There are amazing restaurants, cafes and Bakeries in Lahore that makes the best food all across Pakistan. Speaking of bakeries, there are some bakeries in Lahore that will blow your mind away with the amazing taste and variety.

Variety of Food in Bakeries

Now a days bakeries are not just about bread, cakes and pastries. The idea of bakery has evolved so much these days. You can have pizzas, sandwiches, mithai, halwa, chocolates and what not at these amazing bakeries. From traditional sweets to contemporary sweets there is everything available at bakeries in Lahore.

Top Bakery in Lahore

There is a huge number of bakeries that are operating in Lahore. You can easily spot a bakery at every block in Lahore. Some bakeries stand out from other bakeries and we have listed down some of the bakeries in Lahore that you must visit.

Baba Bakers

Baba Bakers are operating since 1991 and it is safe to say that it is one of the best bakery in Lahore. There are three branches in Lahore and they are also located in Gujranwala and Sialkot. They are famous for their unique and extra ordinary taste and the way they handle their customers is commendable. There are a huge variety of products available in Baba Bakers, a bakery in Lahore. They have breads, cakes, nimco, savory snacks, pastries, donuts, trifles, pizzas, paninis, customized cakes, biscuits, traditional and contemporary mithai and much more. We have not seen any other bakery that offer this much variety. It is definitely the best bakery in Lahore.

Bakeries in Lahore

There are many other top notch bakeries in Lahore that offer a vast variety of products that taste amazing. There is Kitchen Cuisine, Layers, Bundu Khan, Gourmet, Jalal Sons, Bread and Beyond and so many other bakeries.


All these amazing bakeries are located in the central locations of Lahore so that everyone can have and easy access. For example, there are three branches of Baba Bakers and they are in Gulberg, Johar Town and Defence and all these locations are certainly the best places for a bakery to flourish because of the foot count.


The love for food is something that unites us and the food that these amazing bakeries in Lahore offers us is the food of our dreams. Before 10 years, who thought you will be able to get pizza, ice cream, eggs and bread under same roof? These contemporary bakeries have made this happen and the good part is that they are expanding further very nicely. People are also enjoying the variety of products that these bakeries and other bakeries in Lahore have to offer.

We hope you enjoyed reading about food as much as we loved writing about it for you. So, have you made up your mind? Which bakery in Lahore would you try out next? Let us know in comments.

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