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Top Bakery in Gujranwala

top bakery in gujranwala

Gujranwala, a city of Punjab, is famous for its love for food and is a true food heaven for foodies. Famous for its savory dishes, like payee (trotter), nihari, fried quails etc, Gujranwala is also famous for its sweet dishes like mithai, halwa jaats and lassi.

Best Mithai place in Gujranwala

Renowned for its wide range of products, Baba Bakers in Gujranwala, offers a great and the most delectable traditional delicacies like mithai. Founded in 1991, Baba Bakers has nothing but a success story till now. It goes without saying that people in Gujranwala are really big fan of having anything sweet after their meals. They don’t even need a special occasion to have something sweet and when it comes to sweets, people of Gujranwala often prefer good old traditional style mithai and that’s what Baba Bakers specializes in. They make all kinds of mithai like ghulab jamun, amrati, rasgulla and even contemporary mithai like chocolate barfi and they also offer a great variety of Arabian sweets. The best part? They also deliver these amazing sweets all across Pakistan. You can customize packaging according to your needs and events.

Biscuits at Baba Bakers, Gujranwala

If you want buttery, crumbly and delicious melt in mouth cookies, you need to visit Baba Bakers for the most amazing and huge variety of biscuits. There is nothing better than dipping a crispy biscuit in hot tea and the good thing is that Baba Bakers have listed all its cookies and biscuits on their website and are available for delivery. They do have an assorted tin box of cookies, which keeps the cookies fresh.

Finest Customized Cakes

Being one of the top bakeries in Gujranwala, Baba Bakers makes fresh and moist cakes every day for their esteemed customers. Apart from regular cakes, they specialize in making the most extravagant customized cakes, that too, in very reasonable price as compared to market. There is absolutely no compromise on quality as well as on quantity.

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Savory delights

If you ask anybody in Gujranwala about the top bakery that serves the best sandwiches and pizzas, you will only get one name and that is Baba Bakers. The sandwiches are loaded with well marinated chicken and high quality veggies and the pizza is the best and cheesiest pizza among town. Once you get to taste it, you know, there is no going back. You will come back again and again for these savory delights as baba bakers is Top Bakery in Gujranwala.

Order Online There are two branches of Baba Bakers in Gujranwala. You can visit to find the most delectable and fresh products, but if you are residing somewhere else other than Gujranwala, you can always place your order through our website, Get the yummy goodness delivered right at your doorstep.

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